Happier Hour, Happier Girl!


I woke up Saturday morning with every intention to run early. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. My Friday night was rather eventful (long story lol). I didn’t get much sleep so it totally threw my Saturday morning run off. Rest is so necessary! I started my run two hours late, my iTouch completely un-synched ALL of my playlists. I didn’t even have my Soundscapes to run to. Then it started drizzling (which is fine), but the rain + my crabby mood — I was DONE! I just wanted to push the start over button. I could have pushed through, but Oscar mode was in full effect. I cut my long run short and I completed two miles. I normally go to Zumba on Saturday’s, but I really just needed a mental health day so I played hooky. Sorry Marta! :-) I went home, got some sleep, and decided I was going to enjoy my day.


 I stopped by Taco Bell for Happier Hour! I love Happy Hour so it definitely cheered me up!



Beefy Nacho Burrito and Mountain Dew Blast Freeze (and other items)–$1 on the Happier Hour Menu from 2 pm-5 pm (at participating locations).


My next stop–one of my favorite things…THRIFTING! It was long overdue for a thrift-store haul! I was greeted at the door with a company giving away big bags of cherries. I was happy about that. Plus, I found some REALLY great stuff!



I don’t like to keep going back and forth so I make my rounds, grab what I want, try on, then I’m out the door. I’m glad everything worked out perfectly.



This was NOT all of the bags!  <<< Thriftaholics Anonymous STAT!


Really glad my day turned out to be a great one. It was a relaxing weekend from then on out. I’m recharged and ready for a great RUN week!

Live. Blog. Love.




I love blogging and it has become a great outlet for me. When I started my blog, I knew it would be hard to be placed in a box. Trust me, I tried. I quickly realized that I march to my own beat–which led to my transition. My bio tells quite a bit about me and from time to time I’ll post about those things (i.e., hair, books, vintage/random finds, thrifting, etc.). But then I saw something that reaffirmed everything…


My blogger friend Blitz and Glam posted a textgram on her blog post, “Blog What You Live”, that said “Blog what you live, don’t live to blog.” This thought has been whirling in my mind as new ideas bring new inspiration. Each year my style, voice, or ideas may change. Not necessarily in that order–but it happens.  Two things about me that are evident:  I run and I love to try new recipes. I am very much inspired by health, fitness, and Oh YES! — good food, but I look forward to blogging more of what I live. I think that’s what makes this journey worthwhile. I’m really excited about what is to come!


What A Difference A Year Makes: Guess Who Turned 2? | My Blogiversary!


Wow! I still can’t believe it’s been two years since I started my blog. I remember like it was yesterday when I posted my first blog post. I absolutely LOVE blogging and My Pretty Brown Blog has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. So many things have changed over the past year. I turned one year older and my passions and desires also changed. What a difference a year makes! That happens as you get older you know! *Whispers* especially after the tender age of 30. Yes, I’m STILL a young tenda! Most of you, who have been following me since the beginning, know that my blog initially started as a “natural hair blog” titled, Pretty Brown Naturals. Boy did that shift! I couldn’t write about one thing without another. Then this creative mind situation I got going, I knew limiting myself was just absurd! As you get older, you realize that you have to take care of yourself a little differently — that became a priority — then becoming more active and changing my lifestyle happened. I absolutely love thrifting, reading, natural hair, trying new recipes, but my other two favorite things which go hand and hand are: cooking (yes, this girl likes to eat) and health/fitness. Well that’s kinda like three, but they go together like Micki + Maude, Olivia + Joy…you got it! Over the past few years I’ve also grown to love and enjoy running! I know to some non-runners it may sound crazy — but it’s true. It was kicked into overdrive when I attended and participated in a 10K Race (Drive to End Hunger) in Atlanta, Ga. That’s when I knew this was something I wanted to make a permanent part of my fitness regime and life. With all that…

I have this great outlet to share my experiences. I’ve met so many bloggers, friends, and just amazing people on this journey. Thank you so much to every person who has subscribed to my blog, shared a post, left a comment, shared with me that you tried a recipe (and LOVED it!) or just took the time out to read it. It means more than you know. It makes my heart happy when someone says,”You’ve inspired me!”, “Girl, my husband loved those chicken and dumplings!”, “My wife liked your post on those twisty braid things.” (yes, this really happened lol), or “Hang in there. You can do this!” I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. For every Bloggers Block and every out-pour of ideas that I can hardly contain myself, I know it was all worth it. Now that is MY inspiration.


Here are a few of my favorite or inspiring Moments/Posts over the past year:

I had such an incredible year full of traveling, meeting new and inspiring people, and giving back to worthy causes. I met my favorite author, Kimberla Lawson Roby, at her book release tour. Traveled to Hawaii for a little work and pleasure. Met a celebrity in the running world, Jim Ottinger. Got an opportunity to attend Inauguration for the second time! Attended Essence Festival for the first time ever and it was a blast! I participated in “Run For Boston”, an event that touched us all.


One of my proudest moments was completing the Mercedes-Benz Half-Marathon! Three years ago you couldn’t pay me to believe it either. This was my first half-marathon and it will always have a special place in my heart. I met some amazing people and realized how much the running community totally rocks! It’s one big family and I’m grateful to be a part of it. This event was a blast and I look forward to many more to come. Thank you to everyone who encouraged, inspired, motivated,  supported me and/or even said, “Good luck on your race!” (or any race). It means so much.

“In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.”
-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder



Everyone knows my LOVE for vintage, thrifting, and hair! From turbans to twists or $1.00 vintage blazer to a fanny pack, I love it all!


Yes, I enjoy cooking and I like to eat! I have some incredible recipe posts from this past year. What’s even more awesome is finding healthier alternatives to the foods you love! Juicing, soup, smoothies, comfie food, baked (don’t it taste fried?), and all kinds of other yumtastic goodness!


I look forward to continuing this joyous, fun-filled journey by creating and sharing new experiences. A big THANK YOU again to all of my readers!!! I’ll have something exciting to share in the upcoming weeks. Be on the lookout, because someone may get lucky!

Hello April…Birthday Countdown!


I’m so excited because April is here and it’s my Birthday month! Whoot Whoot! The weather is starting to warm up and that’s something to be excited about! I have something exciting planned (well at least to me), but I’ll tell you more about that later. I really didn’t want anything for my birthday, but of course I made a birthday wish list! *wink* I was laughing as I was putting my list together. Everything and I mean everything was health/fitness related. These are things I’m for real-for real excited about! Wait, I did get one non-fitness/health related gift, but it was a must! Let me start off by saying, I kind of already got one of the gifts. Okay, okay…I didn’t “kind of”…I actually did!


Polar Sports Watch and Chest Strap — Love this watch! It syncs to my heart rate monitor (chest strap – seen below) to tell me skinny on my workout progress.

My Birthday Wish List!


Yes, that’s a fanny pack! I’m an 80’s Baby and a Vintage Lover…what can I say!

I added a NutriBullet which I bought a few weeks ago that I absolutely LOVE! I also bought new running shoes (and a few pair of pants) prior to my Half-Marathon back in February, but you can never have enough running shoes or pants right?! And I mean…who doesn’t want kettle bells? I’m thinking they will all come by way of a big, PINK bow!

No seriously, I’m just happy to see another birthday and when you get to the tender age of…(yeah) the simplest things make you happy! Just living, breathing, and being in good health is more than enough for me!  So gifts or not, I’m going to have the Happiest Birthday Ever!!!


Thrifty Thursday: Spring Colorful Vintage

It’s Thursday and I’m so ready for the weekend! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about some great thrift finds. I celebrated my birthday this past weekend, Happy Birthday To Me!!! — and I’ve been waiting to wear one of my favorite pieces. Had the perfect place to where it…It was “A Celebrate” with tons of friends!!! 


Sneak Peek of the my thrifted, vintage top!


Vintage Art - My Pretty Brown Blog

Please excuse the lighting inside of this night club!


Everyone knows I LOVE color, florals, and patterns! It’s Springtime so I know I’ll really be pulling them out! As if the other seasons would have stopped me. Not!

This top was snatched right off the rack the moment I saw it! The blazer was also thrifted.

(Please forgive the lighting! I did the best I could. The venue was dark…but the spotlight was on me, ’cause it was my birthday! Owwww! Just kidding! lol)

My Pretty Brown Blog 


This is the Hello Kitty handbag live and in living color, that I posted about here! This is one of my girlfriend’s bag. We are both big HK fans. I think I’m more of a fanatic than she is though. *wink* My Sister told me today that she has a surprise for me! I hope this is it!!! :-)

Thrifty Thursday - My Pretty Brown Blog

This is me on my Birthday/Easter! I changed into this after 5 a.m. service. A sista was tired, so when I got ready for lunch with my Mommy, I wanted to be comfie — and I wanted to wear something colorful. We were headed to one of my Dad’s favorite restaurants, The Bright Star!

I’m wearing my Spring, vintage floral skirt and gorgeous, fuchsia button down top that I thrifted last Summer (first time wearing the skirt)! Perfect colors for a beautiful day!

Until next time Happy Thrifters & Vintage Lovers!


It’s Celebration Time ~ My Wish List

Happy Thursday!!!!!

I’m super excited, because today is the the kick-off to my birthday festivities!!! I really don’t need anything for my birthday, but I do have a few things that I wouldn’t mind having! My Sister asked me yesterday what I wanted. I’m not going to tell you what I told her. LOL Hey…can’t blame a girl for trying! I have an idea of one of the gifts I will be getting. I can’t wait to go pick it out!

Everyone knows I’m a HUGE Sanrio fan, especially HELLO KITTY!!! Spottie Dottie, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, My Melody…you name it! I’ve been a fanatic since 3rd grade. Remember those little boxes from back in the 1980’s, early 90’s? Yeah…I had one of those! Every little girl in the classroom had them on their desk (like the one below). They held pencils, erasers, paper clips, everything! I had a white/clear Hello Kitty box with four, color-blocked squares with her in them. Totally Vintage now!

I’ve had my eye on this one particular handbag. It’s available in quite a few colors so now it’s deciding which color I want! One of my girlfriends, who is also an April Baby, sent me a picture of one that she wants she found in Atlanta — in yellow! The black is really cute too and it actually matches my Hello Kitty wallet my sweet nephew, Winston, bought me for Christmas. Here is a handbag in one of the fun colors!


 Maybe my wish will come true!!!








Photo: via

Thrifting on Wacky Wednesday

I decided to go by the thrift store on Wednesday (instead of  the weekend like I was supposed to) and take advantage of the 25% off everything in the store. Let me just first say, I’ve never seen so many cars and people!  Lines were almost out the door.  There were a few things on my list, so I wanted see what they had!  I saw some really nice pieces. Leave it to me to always find something to take home. On this excursion, I was “supposed” to look at furniture ONLY!  I was specifically looking for a bookshelf (although my husband said he’s going to make one). I ran across some great pieces of furniture and cool items.



 I absolutely loved this desk! It was made of  real wood and clean in design. However, it was just out of my budget being priced at well over $150.  More than what I was willing to pay for a second-hand desk.



Don’t ask me where I was gonna put this dang table, but I loved it!



Almost, but not quite. I really liked this desk. Oak finish, kind of a rustic feel. It was just too small and overpriced. Still a great piece though.



Okay…this bar stool hurt me to the core! I really needed a set! This is the exact style, bar stool I’ve been looking for.  Paint that baby black — it would’ve been perfect. But…its twin was M.I.A.




I thought this piece was nice, but it’s not quite my taste. It was very clean and in great condition. Whoever found it was going to be a happy thrifter! 



You guessed it! An 8-track tape/cartridge holder!






I can’t go to the thrift store without  browsing through the clothes!



Loved this vintage dress, with the peplum, belted waist!  But…I am not a size 6! Lol 



I did find two items for me! I fell in love with this top! The colors…LOVE! It has shoulder pads, and I love shoulder pads!

I also found a cute, vintage dress (not pictured) — perfect for Spring!  It has pockets and pockets on a vintage dress totally rock my world!!!


The Winners!!!


This lamp was so cool! I could not leave without it. I only paid $5.00 for it and it will be perfect for our study room! 



I found these beautiful shelves and I couldn’t leave without these either! I learned my lesson when I was on a mission looking for a dresser for one of my rooms (Post coming soon). They are really nice and I wasn’t the only one eyeing them! I quickly grabbed that tag and paid for them. My husband was super excited too! Not quite sure what we’re going to do with them yet. Book shelf, photos, art…who knows! I paid $18 a piece for them. You can’t find “real wood” furniture of such nice quality for that cheap hardly anywhere these days. I’m very excited about this purchase.


Until next time, happy thrifting!!!!!!!!