It’s Celebration Time ~ My Wish List

Happy Thursday!!!!!

I’m super excited, because today is the the kick-off to my birthday festivities!!! I really don’t need anything for my birthday, but I do have a few things that I wouldn’t mind having! My Sister asked me yesterday what I wanted. I’m not going to tell you what I told her. LOL Hey…can’t blame a girl for trying! I have an idea of one of the gifts I will be getting. I can’t wait to go pick it out!

Everyone knows I’m a HUGE Sanrio fan, especially HELLO KITTY!!! Spottie Dottie, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, My Melody…you name it! I’ve been a fanatic since 3rd grade. Remember those little boxes from back in the 1980’s, early 90’s? Yeah…I had one of those! Every little girl in the classroom had them on their desk (like the one below). They held pencils, erasers, paper clips, everything! I had a white/clear Hello Kitty box with four, color-blocked squares with her in them. Totally Vintage now!

I’ve had my eye on this one particular handbag. It’s available in quite a few colors so now it’s deciding which color I want! One of my girlfriends, who is also an April Baby, sent me a picture of one that she wants she found in Atlanta — in yellow! The black is really cute too and it actually matches my Hello Kitty wallet my sweet nephew, Winston, bought me for Christmas. Here is a handbag in one of the fun colors!


 Maybe my wish will come true!!!








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|Vintage Friday| Sarah’s Closet

I went to my Mom’s house this past weekend to pick up a few items and I decided to go into the downstairs closet to take a look. It’s always overflowing with tons of clothes. Most of the clothes are from when my Sis and I were growing up and a lot of throwback stuff that we always have a hard time getting rid of. We’re not hoarders…it’s just things resurface and I hate to get rid of stuff!

 I was just grabbing some winter coats and stumbled across a lot of my Mom’s old sweaters! I’m talking about sweaters from the 80’s! I am an 80’s Baby so I was too excited and even had a super nostalgia moment! Here are some of the items I found!

 Okay…this sweater…I TOTALLY remember! It’s so 1980’s vintage, but what makes this sweater super fun is the fact that those triangles are leather!

 Yesss!!! What I also love about this sweater is the fact my Dad gave it to my Mom!

How cute is the vest!? And it’s genuine leather! If it wasn’t I still would have rocked it!

 Look at this fun print! I absolutely LOVE the colors! It’s a beautiful cami that my Mom use to wear under her blazers!

I paired the vest with the cami and the colors went perfectly! I’m sure I have plenty to go with them both!

I found this over-sized (boyfriend style) sweater and it’s super comfie!!! It’s so cute, because it has multi-color shimmeries throughout the sweater.

Yeah I made “shimmeries” up! lol The buttons are pretty too!

Sneak Peek!


 I can’t describe how excited I was when I found this vintage, after 5 top in my my Mom’s closet!

 I instantly thought of NYE when I saw it! This is one of many finds that I have in mind to wear to bring in the new year! Stay tuned on how I decide to rock it!

I totally think a thrift store haul is long overdue! I’ll keep you posted on my findings!

Until next time,


Vintage Friday: Vesta Williams One Of The Greatest

I will never forget growing up and listening to all kinds of good music Saturday mornings as my Mom did her house cleaning. Vesta Williams, one of the greatest, was one of those artists in heavy rotation in the stack of vinyl records. A true Diva by definition with a voice so powerful, who started illuminating the charts in the 80’s. I think around the age of 7 or 8 I knew one of her hit songs, “Congratulations”, by heart — no literally, word-for-word! “Sweet, Sweet Love” was another favorite along with many more! I’m so thankful for her music and it being shared with me at such an early age. I didn’t know a thing about what she was singing about for real, but when I became of age,  her music became very real to me! I want to remember her just as she was in my mind when I heard her for the very first time and when I saw her perform last…Beautiful, Talented, and a REAL artist!

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Why Thrifting and Vintage Makes Me Happy!

Hello to all of my Happy Thrifters and Vintage Lovers!

I wanted to share with you my most recent thrift store haul experience, but first let me share the inspiration behind my love for fashion, vintage, and thrifting! My Mom, the force behind it all, has taught me so much! The things she finds for a little of nothing amazes me to this day! Over the years she has shown me what it means to truly do things “your way”!  Like yeah…wearing white after Labor Day and doing it fabulously! My Mom has always had a knack for decorating and intricate detail. About 10 years ago she started passing down some of the most lovely pieces (jewelry, clothing, handbags, etc.) that will knock your socks off! Which brings me to my most recent thrift store haul!!!!

It was TOTALLY impromptu…and I just could not resist the urge! All of my thrifters know exactly what I’m talking about. I ran across the most amazing things! Not just clothes as you’ll see later, but tons of neat stuff!

Okay…I’ve REALLY been  into this whole tribal thing lately! I absolutely love anything with bright colors, crazy patterns, yes, all the way to the left — yet still fabulous! What you see here is…what had me at “Hello”! This is a fun,  80’s tribal vintage jacket similar to my Miami Vice style dinner jacket from a previous thrift store haul. I absolutely fell in love with this jacket the moment I saw it!

Here is another tribal-inspired print, in this high-waist skirt! LOVE!  It has so much charisma AND spunk I couldn’t help but fall in LOVE!

I also found several Midi skirts (not-pictured) to add to my collection of a few that I already own! “Midi” skirts first became popular in the 1940’s, then they really took 1970’s fashion on a whirlwind! These skirts were very popular this past Spring as well — all the way into this hot summer! Don’t worry these skirts can be worn anytime of year and I seriously doubt they will ever go out of style! Besides when it comes to fashion and self-expression, there are NO RULES!


Let’s talk about this adorable, vintage floral dress! It made me feel like I was one of the characters from a recent movie I went to see, based in the 1960’s. I wasn’t going to try it on, but I did and it was surprisingly quite lovely! Because it is vintage, sometimes everything doesn’t make the journey (belts, buttons, etc.). The dress is belted and I have the perfect one to accessorize it with!



A beautiful vintage necklace that I LOVE!



I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this…a vintage sewing machine similar to this one, with the old-school foot pedal and all! One day I really would like to learn how to sew. I should have gotten it, but I left it for someone who could truly appreciate it more (right now)! Beautiful nonetheless.

A closer look!

Okay…I couldn’t let this pass me by without taking  a picture and explaining a little history. We had the EXACT same iron growing up!  This iron has to be about 25-30 years old! This was a true heavyweight (literally) that would put any cleaners out of business! lol I wouldn’t be surprised if my Mom still has this thing in her basement. I need to put that on my to-do-list along with searching for my Atari and cartridges! I know I don’t need another iron, so hopefully it will find a happy home!

Last, but not least! TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a Pasta Maker — every Italian Foodie Lovers dream! My fiancé ran across this and HAD to have it! I couldn’t believe when we opened it up It was UNTOUCHED and still in its original wrapping and everything! A great find for a great price of $3.00 (regular price $150)! I was glad he found something in the midst of my thriftaholic moment of OVERLOAD!

Thrifting is an awesome way to save money and discover new things and old! I sure can’t wait until my next haul!

Until next time…