My Pretty Brown Blog Anniversary

It’s My Pretty Brown Blog’s One Year Blogiversary!!!

*Cues Tony! Toni! Toné! Anniversary*

Who would have thought that a year ago today that I would have written over 100 posts!? I initially started my blog as “Pretty Brown Naturals” to share my natural hair journey (I’ve been natural over six years strong btw). Along the way, I discovered that it was much more to me than just that! There’s so many natural hair bloggers anyway, and I change my hair so much I don’t think there’s enough server space to hold my posts. Lol Kidding! But, I do love to thrift, I love fashion, reading, oh and cooking! And yes…much, much more!!!

I just want to thank every single person who has read my blog, commented, shared, subscribed, and even been inspired by my posts. Whether it was trying a recipe, a hairstyle, or reading about my crazy day at the gym — thank you!  I didn’t start blogging to gain a thing. Not money, popularity…just a place to share my thoughts and experiences in hopes that someone may be inspired! It’s actually kind of therapeutic for me too!

So thank you all, I appreciate you and I look forward to many years to come! I hope you will join me. Happy One Year Blogiversary to My Pretty Brown Blog!!!


Artney -xo

Thrifty Thursday: Spring Colorful Vintage

It’s Thursday and I’m so ready for the weekend! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about some great thrift finds. I celebrated my birthday this past weekend, Happy Birthday To Me!!! — and I’ve been waiting to wear one of my favorite pieces. Had the perfect place to where it…It was “A Celebrate” with tons of friends!!! 


Sneak Peek of the my thrifted, vintage top!


Vintage Art - My Pretty Brown Blog

Please excuse the lighting inside of this night club!


Everyone knows I LOVE color, florals, and patterns! It’s Springtime so I know I’ll really be pulling them out! As if the other seasons would have stopped me. Not!

This top was snatched right off the rack the moment I saw it! The blazer was also thrifted.

(Please forgive the lighting! I did the best I could. The venue was dark…but the spotlight was on me, ’cause it was my birthday! Owwww! Just kidding! lol)

My Pretty Brown Blog 


This is the Hello Kitty handbag live and in living color, that I posted about here! This is one of my girlfriend’s bag. We are both big HK fans. I think I’m more of a fanatic than she is though. *wink* My Sister told me today that she has a surprise for me! I hope this is it!!! :-)

Thrifty Thursday - My Pretty Brown Blog

This is me on my Birthday/Easter! I changed into this after 5 a.m. service. A sista was tired, so when I got ready for lunch with my Mommy, I wanted to be comfie — and I wanted to wear something colorful. We were headed to one of my Dad’s favorite restaurants, The Bright Star!

I’m wearing my Spring, vintage floral skirt and gorgeous, fuchsia button down top that I thrifted last Summer (first time wearing the skirt)! Perfect colors for a beautiful day!

Until next time Happy Thrifters & Vintage Lovers!


My Hidden Gem: Furniture Project (DIY)

You may remember me telling you a while back that I was On A Mission to find the perfect dresser for one of my rooms. Because I enjoy thrifting so much and have ran across some really nice items, my husband and I decided we wanted to start a DIY (Do It Yourself) project! We wanted something nice with a vintage/contemporary vibe. It’s hard to find nice quality furniture these days. Everything is made of cheap material and lacks that durability that was produced decades ago. The first dresser that I fell in love with…I was heartbroken over because I allowed it to get away. It was a rustic, oak dresser with an unfinished look. I learned my lesson that day. If you see something you want…get it right then!  I decided to keep looking around town and I lucked up and found this beauty (below), which had just been brought in. It was $54.99 (including its mirrors).  IF you found something like this today, it’ll be close to, if not over, $1000. The quality of this dresser was without a doubt one of the best I’d seen since the 80’s! That thing was so heavy — I knew it was worth all 5, 499 pennies! We also decided we wanted to paint it black and that’s just what we did.  


 Here are some pics of our project! 

This beauty was found at our local Salvation Army


Mirror Check!






My helper's painting it black!



The best painter ever!!! =)



 Here is the finished product!!!



Look what else I found thrifting! It’s a wine rack…How cute is this?! Notice it’s shaped like a wine bottle! I paid $5.00 for it. It may have been closer to $4.00, I can’t remember. I don’t know about you…but I love finding things like this! It may be a little cheesy, but I love it! lol




Have a great weekend and Happy Thrifting!!!!!!!!!!!







Thrifting on Wacky Wednesday

I decided to go by the thrift store on Wednesday (instead of  the weekend like I was supposed to) and take advantage of the 25% off everything in the store. Let me just first say, I’ve never seen so many cars and people!  Lines were almost out the door.  There were a few things on my list, so I wanted see what they had!  I saw some really nice pieces. Leave it to me to always find something to take home. On this excursion, I was “supposed” to look at furniture ONLY!  I was specifically looking for a bookshelf (although my husband said he’s going to make one). I ran across some great pieces of furniture and cool items.



 I absolutely loved this desk! It was made of  real wood and clean in design. However, it was just out of my budget being priced at well over $150.  More than what I was willing to pay for a second-hand desk.



Don’t ask me where I was gonna put this dang table, but I loved it!



Almost, but not quite. I really liked this desk. Oak finish, kind of a rustic feel. It was just too small and overpriced. Still a great piece though.



Okay…this bar stool hurt me to the core! I really needed a set! This is the exact style, bar stool I’ve been looking for.  Paint that baby black — it would’ve been perfect. But…its twin was M.I.A.




I thought this piece was nice, but it’s not quite my taste. It was very clean and in great condition. Whoever found it was going to be a happy thrifter! 



You guessed it! An 8-track tape/cartridge holder!






I can’t go to the thrift store without  browsing through the clothes!



Loved this vintage dress, with the peplum, belted waist!  But…I am not a size 6! Lol 



I did find two items for me! I fell in love with this top! The colors…LOVE! It has shoulder pads, and I love shoulder pads!

I also found a cute, vintage dress (not pictured) — perfect for Spring!  It has pockets and pockets on a vintage dress totally rock my world!!!


The Winners!!!


This lamp was so cool! I could not leave without it. I only paid $5.00 for it and it will be perfect for our study room! 



I found these beautiful shelves and I couldn’t leave without these either! I learned my lesson when I was on a mission looking for a dresser for one of my rooms (Post coming soon). They are really nice and I wasn’t the only one eyeing them! I quickly grabbed that tag and paid for them. My husband was super excited too! Not quite sure what we’re going to do with them yet. Book shelf, photos, art…who knows! I paid $18 a piece for them. You can’t find “real wood” furniture of such nice quality for that cheap hardly anywhere these days. I’m very excited about this purchase.


Until next time, happy thrifting!!!!!!!!




Thrifting | My Pretty Brown Blog

Thrifting | My Guilty Pleasure

Hi guys! I know I’ve been slacking on my thrifting post so I decided to combine some of my most recent finds.

This was a thrifting day and you can tell by my expression I was excited! I’ve been searching for a bookshelf, until my husband decided he was going to make one. Of course me being me…I always find SOMETHING. Here are some things I found on my recent thrifting hauls!

 The Fun Stuff!

I found this beautiful skirt. The color…GORG! Love the embellishment! Very Indian-inspired. One of my favorites. 


I thought these were cute! Reminds me of my Rah Rah’s we wore when I was a cheerleader back in the early 80’s! These were made by Nike, but too small. They were like new and only $5!


I have a love for anything tribal, colorful, and crazy patterns! Love this dress!

Okay…this dress had been there for weeks. I said if it was still there when I went back, I was going to get it. Little did I know, my husband had already bought it!

 I tweeted about this jacket a while back…

I finally got a chance to wear it on my trip to NOLA. It was perfect for the party I attended!

 And This…

 I posted it about it here. I found this vintage top in my Mom’s closet and it was FREE!  I wore this sparkly 80’s number on NYE!


I just wore this fun jacket for Mardi Gras – FAT TUESDAY! Love the colors and couldn’t wait to wear it. Unfortunately due to Alabama’s crazy weather, I couldn’t wear it all night. HOT!


Before it came off!


Until next time…Happy Thrifting!


Love Day Recap - My Pretty Brown Blog

Love Day: Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful LOVE DAY! Mine was awesome! My HB amd I celebrated our very first Valentine’s Day as a married couple! I decided to wear red to celebrate. I wore one of my vintage pieces that I found thrifting! I have been waiting for the right time to wear it and it worked out perfectly!


My evening started out with Spin Class and Zumba. I told myself I was going to work out and not let Valentine’s Day be an excuse to skip. It also fell on my heaviest cardio day, so I wanted to make sure I got a great workout. Okay…Okay…I knew I was going to be eating really good! lol My HB and I decided years ago that we would avoid the big crowds and do an intimate dinner at home, just us — by candlelight! We had one of my favorites, snow crabbies (a.k.a. crab legs)! We also had delicious steak, sides, wine, and of course dessert!




wpid-2012-02-14_21-32-26_546We don’t go all out of the way with tons of gifts, spending a lot of money, etc. we opt for just good quality and fun time! However, we don’t allow the opportunity to do something special pass us by!


 The card on the right was sent with a message from my Dad! <3


Always Remember,

“Love is the Essence of God”



Turban Style  My Pretty Brown Blog

A Headwrap or Turban Is Always In Style

I had a few errands to run, so I wanted to rock a headwrap/turban today. Headwraps or turbans are always in style! I have a beautiful, bulky scarf that I purchased at H&M a while back. It’s perfect for Fall and the colors are super fun! I decided to rock it with one of my cute, cropped tees. It may be crazy to mix patterns…but I absolutely LOVE it! I know the headwrap/turban will take residence in my weekly rotation during these cooler months and it’s also great as a protective style. It’s also great for bad hair days if you have those, but in my book there’s no such thing!


First way I wrapped my scarf .



Okay I’m being silly!



Another way to wear it!



Rockin’ my thrifted Tommy Hilfiger jean jacket, that I cut the sleeves out of. Also, one of my favorite vintage necklaces! :)



I thought I’d throw my Turban Love photo in here. I took this pic about a month and a half ago. And please excuse the blurriness of this pic! I was playing around with one of the photo apps in my phone!