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“Hair-O-Ween” (Halloween) Inspired by Grace Jones

Grace Jones by Art

I’m a Hair Enthusiast! Hair…is just something that I love! I’ve always been a fan of fly, funky, and fun and can’t forget easy to manage. Every fall/winter I protective style with either braids, twists, or locs. Looking for some ideas for a Fall Festival? And guess what!? Even if you don’t “celebrate” Halloween, you can still dress up and have fun! Last year, I wanted to do something fun, but having my faux locs installed — I had no clue what. Then I came across Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey’s (Chescalocs) Natural Hair-O-Ween video where she collaborated with other naturals on YouTube. When I ran across Ambrosia Malbrough’s Grace Jones Hair-O-Ween tutorial, I said–that’s IT!  I absolutely love Grace Jones so I figured out a way to make her look work with my locs. This is not a tutorial (you can view the video below), but to show you the final result and inspire you with some ideas!


I am none other than… Grace Jones, the “remarkably unchanged”, a true living legend, fashion icon, and FIERCE unequivocal beauty!

Grace Jones Halloween 

Make-up: I made Ambrosia’s look my own, but used similar tones. Just have fun with it!

Face: MAC – Studio Fix “Fluid” NW46

Face: Ruby Kisses – 3D Face Creator – Level 8

Eyes: Coastal Scents (88 color palette) Shadow: darker shades for my eyes

Mascara: L’Oreal Carbon

Cheeks/Face:  Cover Girl – Ebony Bronzer

Lip Liner: Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics – Plum and Black

Lipstick:  Revlon – VaVa Violet with a hint of Cover Girl – Embrace

Grace Jones Halloween 2


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View Ambrosia’s Grace Jones – Natural Hair-O-Ween Tutorial


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Grace Jones


Grace Sataya


Tis the Season to Senegalese Twist - My Pretty Brown Blog

‘Tis the Season To Protective Style: Senegalese Twists Edition


Senegalese Twists - My Pretty Brown BlogOh how I LOVE to change up my hair!!! I’ve always been a natural who is a fan of braids, twists, locs, short hair, and yes wigs and weave (aka accessories)! It’s fun to change up my look whenever I want and not give a care about what other people have to say! I installed Senegalese twists for the very first time back in July right after I returned from the Essence Festival. You can find that post here. It was extremely hot wearing them during those warmer months, but now is the perfect time to do a protective style such as braids/twists. Below are some frequently asked questions.


  1. What kind of hair did you use? 100% Kanekalon braiding hair. They also have a brand called Expressions where you don’t have to use as many packs and you can use the “pulling method” to make the hair stretch.
  2. How much did the hair cost? $1.99 a pack
  3. How many packs did you use? Approximately 11 (my twists were waist length)
  4. Did you wash them? I did not wash them, mainly because I didn’t keep them up long enough. However, I did use a spray bottle (water, coconut oil, JBCO oil, and a little conditioner) to spritz my scalp and my hair in twists daily. I also spritzed my scalp with peppermint oil and olive oil after my workouts.
  5. How long did it take? Approximately 11 hours (it was my first time, my second time was close to 8 1/2 hours)
  6. What’s your nighttime routine? I pulled my twists back in a ponytail and slept with a stain cap. sometimes I’ll put a scarf around my hair and wear the cap.
  7. Were they tight? Not at all. I never install twists, braids etc tight around my edges. It’s almost that looseness after the tightness has worn off after most braiders install them ( if that makes sense).
  8. What do you use on your scalp? I use Organic Root Stimulator body and hair spray or DAX (Vegetable oils w/ Lanolin) Pomade, and JBCO (around perimeter) when needed.

Chunky Senegalese Twists

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

In between this time…I decided I wanted to take them down and I wanted to try long kinky twists with Marley hair. I’ll post about those soon. I reinstalled them again in September. I really love these twists, they have so much versatility!


Semi-chunky Senegalese Twists

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

I took this set down, because I was preparing for my first 10K with Black Girls Run! in Atlanta. They were too heavy to be running in and it was HOT. I guess I should’ve thought about that before I did them — which is why I decided to wait to do them in the cooler months. I am planning on doing my very first installment of box braids this Winter! I’m excited about that. Be on the lookout for those!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below!

What’s All This Fuss About Naturals Wearing Weave?

I just recently participated in a Tweet Chat about naturals wearing weave and the question was asked: How do you feel about naturals wearing wigs, weaves, extensions, etc.? I’ve been discussing this topic with other naturals for some time now. It wasn’t until I recently read some comments, that I felt the need to discuss it openly.

Angela Simmons recently tweeted this pic:

Just took my weave out.. Look how long my hair grew. Its so thick !!

When I saw this pic, I didn’t think of just the fact that she took her weave out…but the fact that her hair was so beautiful and her excitement of her hair growth and thickness! So why is it so hard for so many naturals to embrace weave? Does that make someone ‘less natural’ if they decide to wear it? And what about wearing weave as a protective style? (Which is what I do frequently!) I’ve done it all: two-strand twists, Marley braids, full/half wigs, tree braids, sew-ins you name it! Now don’t get me wrong, if it’s just NOT for you…that’s totally understandable.

My concern is when ‘some’ naturals make other naturals feel like there’s this PRO-NATURAL MOVEMENT…and don’t you DARE wear weave!!! (Notice I said ‘some’, not ‘all”). It’s as if they carry picket signs that say, “If your hair is not kinky, curly,twisted, fro’d out, or in bantu knots you CANNOT ENTER!” Lol But seriously…why bash or say negative things about the naturals who choose to wear it? All of those styles are LOVELY, but there are many reasons women decide to wear weave, wigs, extensions,etc. For me, I LOVE to change my hair! I also wear it as a protective style to protect my hair from the Summer Heat and humidity. In addition, I workout 4-5 days a week and it is a challenge to try to style my hair most days. I refuse to let hair be a reason for me not to workout! Now…it’s nothing for me to rock my wash-n-go, twist out, bantu knots or fro! I go with what works for me.

Many choose weave as an option for the versatility of styles! Some may want their hair straight and don’t want to damage it by adding heat, others may like the low-maintenance factor, and others may not want to chemically alter their hair with color and they use extensions. I know in cooler months, a half/full cap is a nice accessory to warm up that scalp! lol Whatever the reason, no one should make you feel that you are ‘less-natural’ because you do.

It was my decision to become ‘relaxer-free’ and I have been just that for five years and counting! I will never regret the day I decided to stop putting chemicals on my hair! Not to mention, the whole sitting in the salon for 5+ hours…I don’t miss one bit!

Blogger Ashley on weave:

There’s always some sort of controversy when questions about being natural enough, or what is considered “natural” causes. Not saying this is one of those cases. But, whose place is it if an individual agrees, approves, likes what another woman does to her hair? Let’s promote unity for natural HEALTHY hair no matter what route the natural takes.

We should ALL be free to be who we are! Grow it, fro it…Leave it, Weave it…or go get your creamy crack fix if that’s what you want! Live by the words “I Am Not My Hair”, embrace what makes you feel good about you, and know that YOU are beautiful!


Here’s an awesome interview by Curly Nikki with Kita and Mo from the T.O. Show as they talk about hair, reality tv, and business.