Rest. It’s Okay!


“We’re so wrapped up in our running that we’re afraid to take a day off, run less, run slower, or, heaven forbid, take a walk on days our bodies tell us we’re not recovered enough for our “usual” workout. We’re afraid someone will think less of us as a runner; we’re afraid we’ll think less of ourselves. And, backing off at all scares us that we’ll become less of a runner than we believe we are, than we have already set ourselves up to be.”

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Black Girls RUN! Preserve The Sexy Tour is Coming to Birmingham!


Black Girls RUN! Preserve The Sexy Tour is coming to Birmingham (AL) on February 2, 2013! Co-Founders Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks decided to take Black Girls Run! on the road and travel to cities in the “Stroke Belt”. These cities have some of the highest obesity rates in the United States. They will be hosting a day of health and fitness clinics. Their training program “Walk Before You RUN!” will help guide women on their fitness journey from walking to running. It will also include tips on fitness, hair maintenance, running gear and much more!

From Black Girls RUN!:

Join us on Saturday, February 2 for a fun and information-packed day of health and fitness. Black Girls RUN! founders Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks will host a great lineup of speakers and presentations to get you running, including our exclusive “Walk Before You Run” program.

To find out more about BGR, the Tour, Tour Stops and to REGISTER for PTST13 visit here!

I’m super excited about this event and look forward to meeting so many new faces on this journey to better health!


Photo/Image:Black Girls RUN!