Monday, Coffee, and a Cookbook


I hope everyone celebrated National Coffee Day yesterday! I stopped by Starbucks and picked up a complimentary cup of their new Ethiopia Coffee (My HB is excited about this)! Starbucks coffee development manager describes it as being, “medium-bodied with soft, velvety notes of dark chocolate, subtle hints of peppery spice, and sweet, mandarin-like citrus for a balanced and approachable taste in the cup.” All I know is…it was Mmmmm good! To add a little Autumn flare, I got a shot of pumpkin spice.


I recently stocked up on some new K-cups when Publix had their BOGO sale. You can never have enough K-Cups! Green Mountain Coffee’s French Vanilla Iced Coffee and Wild Mountain Blueberry are the two I decided on.  I wanted to try something different. I’ve always been a fan of iced coffee, but I usually drink frappuccinos. I’m really excited to try the wild mountain blueberry flavor. Green Mountain Coffee tasting notes described it as, “A celebration of summer, with its sweet flavor of juicy sun-kissed blueberries baked to perfection in a buttery crust.” So there you have it! I know it’s Fall, but we can all use a little summer berry in our lives! And–thanks to a Twitter contest Tw’hosted by Keurig, I won a Cooking With Coffee Cookbook! This time of year I make more baked goods and new recipes, so I can’t wait to delve in and tell you all about them!

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It’s Monday…Coffee Please!

It’s Monday and the Keurig is calling my name! Monday’s are always the hardest and I need a little BOOST *NeNe voice* to help me get the day started. I’m already counting down to the weekend.

I bought these K-cups a while back at Bed, Bath, and Beyond! I actually got a great deal on them. The Island Coconut is my favorite! I got them all for less than $10 a box. The Café Mocha was on clearance for $6.99 a box! Sweeeet!

Weekend recap

Kept it very low key this weekend. The Essence Music Festival had me wore out…STILL! I enjoyed doing nothing! I did start reading a new book (Kimberla L. Roby’s – Here and Now) and I caught up on some shows.

Saturday & Sunday Marathon Day


Okay. I’d never heard of this show, The L.A. Complex, but I was watching Fuse and it immediately had my attention. From the first series (marathon) showing to the very last I knew I was hooked! So hooked, I ended up watching it again on Sunday to make sure I didn’t miss anything — because guess what? The new Season Premiere will be on July 17th on the CW! And yes I will be watching!

The official site of The L.A. Complex on The CW. The L.A. Complex is a dramatic look into the lives of six young performers striving for stardom in Hollywood.

So yeah you get the point! Aspiring dancers, actors, music producers, comedians, etc. you name it! I can’t wait for the new season to start!

Seafood Boil Sunday


Publix had a sale last week on snow crabbies so we took advantage!!! We got enough to enjoy then and for later (thanks to our deep freezer)! We had corn, shrimp, conecuh sausage (the best sausage ever), onions and salad! So good! I love Sunday’s like these!