Pumpkin Patch Cheese Pie

Pumpkin Patch Cheese Pie

This Pumpkin Patch Cheese Pie makes the perfect fall dessert for home, school, festivals, and parties! | My Pretty Brown FitI love this time of year because I get to enjoy seasonal favorites and fun recipes! When the miniature pumpkins arrived on the scene for fall, I knew I had to create something special just for them. Fall brings so much inpiration. After looking through old fall photos, I knew exactly what I was going to create with my little cuties—Pumpkin Patch Cheese Pie!Pumpkin Patch Cheese Pie

Before we get to the recipe, let me tell you the back story of my love for Cheese Pie. There is a riverfront restaurant that I frequented often while living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama known for its Cheese Pie. It’s one of those pies I wouldn’t dare count the points or log into my food tracker. I just wouldn’t want to talk myself out of enjoying this amazing dessert. The first time I had a slice of this pie, it was so good I closed my eyes and found myself humming. It was like the first reaction a Grandmother would have after tasting something she cooked from her soul. I decided it was my mission to create a way to enjoy one of my favorite desserts without the guilt.

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Minion Found in the Pumpkin Patch - My Pretty Brown Fit

Uh oh! Looks like someone got caught in the pumpkin patch!

Minion Found in the Pumpkin Patch 2 - My Pretty Brown Fit

This Pumpkin Patch Cheese Pie makes the perfect fall dessert for home, school, festivals, and parties! For more recipes and sweet eats, visit the Sweet Eats section under Food & Recipes! Also, if you love cheesecake and berries as much as I do, try this Berry Cheesecake Trifle Recipe here.



Recipe inspiration: My nephew Winston!


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Santa Came Early!


It is holiday season — one of my favorite times of the year! Christmas decorations, family time, peppermint bark, egg nog (Evan Williams is my fave), fruit cake, and the list goes on! I know I’ve been an “awful good girl”, but what I did not know is that Santa was going to visit me early! Glad I baked that cake (instead of cookies lol). My hubby surprised me with my very first gift — one of the best gifts ever!!! I am now officially #TeamiPad!!! I absolutely love, love, love it!

imageAnd thank you to my sweet friend, Chevy, for hooking my new baby up with a cool, purple stylus!

Santa didn’t stop there…I decided to suit up and surprise my Mom!

imageSince I (Mrs. Claus) was in the neighborhood, my Mom got her first gift! (She’s gonna get me if she finds out I posted this photo). Her surprise was…


…a new Keurig!!! I was totally planning on getting her one for Christmas, but since her other coffee pot broke…I decided to go ahead and give it to her. She was ecstatic! Welcome to the wonderful world of K-cups Mom! 

What’s on your holiday wishlist?