When Did You Get Here?

hellodecI can’t believe December is here! It seriously snuck up on me and my goodness–this is the last month in 2013! I’m looking forward to so many things in the upcoming weeks–Holiday cheer, concerts, The Chipmunks Christmas Carols (Yes, I still love them), peppermint mocha coffee, peppermint bark, and baking my favorite sweet eats like peppermint bark fudge, found here. I’m sure you see a trend here. The older I get, the more I appreciate this time of year. I get to spend time with family, go on a random Starbuck’s run for a Gingerbread Latte, or just relax in my Snuggie by the fireplace.

snowmanI found this cute, little mug at the Dollar Tree to go with my Mocha Mint Cappuccino. Cheers to the Holiday Season!


Looking for some great Christmas music? Check out Highlands Worship A Highlands Christmas-My King Is Here CD! You can find it here.

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! Do you have any plans for the holiday season?

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Feeling “Quichey” for Christmas!


Christmas morning I decided to make a breakfast Quiche for the very first time! There use to be this stuff called “Pour-a-Quiche”, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere so I made it myself. Of course I had to share the recipe!

Sausage Quiche


  • 1 (9 inch) pie shell
  • 1/2 lb ground sausage
  • 1 cup of grated/shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1 small grated onion
  • 1.5 Tbsps of flour
  • 1 large can Pet milk (approximately 1 cup) 
  • 2 eggs
  • Parsley


Brown sausage; drain. Place in pie shell. Sprinkle grated cheese, flour and onion on top. Beat eggs and milk, then pour on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until set.

It was absolutely delish!!!

20121226-114752.jpg I also brought out one of my favorite breakfast items Georgia Boy Smoked Sausages, which are made near Albany, Georgia (where my Mom’s family resides). This is TRULY a treat, because I don’t eat them often. I was so excited when I found out they were sold in AL! My husband also prepared his famous corn grits. Mmmm!

20121226-114757.jpgI decided to make Slutty Brownies: Turtle Edition on Christmas Eve! They were pretty good — Toffee-ish! I also made a pecan pie, which is my holiday FAVORITE!


I rocked my $0.99 lounge/casual dress I found at the thrift store! It was festive and Christmasy (made that up) so I had to wear it! Sorry I don’t have a full pic…I was on the couch all day! lol

Oh and I even rocked a Santa hat! Check it out!!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I’m going to enjoy the rest of my vacation, read a few books, crochet some scarves, and relax!

Happy Holidays!


A Gift That Gives Back!


Christmas is less than a week away and it’s Christmas shoppers crunch time! I started a little bit early this year, but I still have few things to get on my list. I found the coolest gifts that also allowed me to give back to charity. The organization “Whatever It Takes” raises funds for key global development causes, including poverty alleviation, the protection of children, and environmental conservation. They have teamed up with celebrities in fashion, film, sports, television, music, etc. with artwork designed by Serena Williams, Penelope Cruz, George Clooney, Pink, and Kanye West just to name a few. A variety of fun pieces have been created and all for a great cause.

The jewelry “artwork” is all designed by the celebrities and every item that is purchased is donated to a celebrity’s charity of choice.


I fell in love with these two! The artwork on the watch (L) was designed by Serena Williams and the charm/link bracelet (R) artwork by Penelope Cruz . The bracelet says, “Give Love A Chance”.

You can find them at your local Macy’s (and other stores) and visit their website here to learn more about the organization.


Another great gift idea which I think is perfect, especially for kids, is Toms Shoes! I purchased my sweet, nephews a pair of their very first Toms! I can’t wait to see them on their little feet. For every pair of shoes you buy, they give a new pair of shoes to a child in need — “One For One”.

Why shoes?

    In many developing countries, children must walk barefoot for miles to school, clean water and medical help.

    Hundreds of millions of children are at risk of injury, infection and soil-transmitted diseases that most don’t have access to prevent or treat.

    Children who are healthy are more likely to be successful students, and access to education is a critical determinant of long-term success.

    Healthy, educated children have a better chance of improving the future of their entire community.

Visit Toms Shoes here and find out about their other great programs that help give back!

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas!!!




Santa Came Early!


It is holiday season — one of my favorite times of the year! Christmas decorations, family time, peppermint bark, egg nog (Evan Williams is my fave), fruit cake, and the list goes on! I know I’ve been an “awful good girl”, but what I did not know is that Santa was going to visit me early! Glad I baked that cake (instead of cookies lol). My hubby surprised me with my very first gift — one of the best gifts ever!!! I am now officially #TeamiPad!!! I absolutely love, love, love it!

imageAnd thank you to my sweet friend, Chevy, for hooking my new baby up with a cool, purple stylus!

Santa didn’t stop there…I decided to suit up and surprise my Mom!

imageSince I (Mrs. Claus) was in the neighborhood, my Mom got her first gift! (She’s gonna get me if she finds out I posted this photo). Her surprise was…


…a new Keurig!!! I was totally planning on getting her one for Christmas, but since her other coffee pot broke…I decided to go ahead and give it to her. She was ecstatic! Welcome to the wonderful world of K-cups Mom! 

What’s on your holiday wishlist?

My Christmas Throwdown, Mama Is Proud!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, because I sure did! I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. My childhood BFF was also in town, so she came by and we all shared lots of laughs! I told you in a previous post that I was going to be throwing down this year for Christmas! I’ve always baked a cake of some sort, but this year I wanted to get down to the nitty gritty. I decided I was going to make DRESSING! Yes dressing, NOT stuffing! My Mom was so nice to share her “secret” family recipe with me. I was so nervous, because I’ve had some tasteless dressing on many occasions. I was like “Lord, please don’t let me mess this up!” lol I just want to go on record and say that my Mama was so proud! She said, “Baby, your dressing is too good, I would have thought it was mine!” It made me smile, hearing my Mom say I did an awesome job, knowing she is one of the best cooks I know! They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, because when I went in kitchen last night…there was hardly any left. My husband LOVED it too!

Here are few pics before everything was ANNIHILATED! LOL!

My dressing! Yep...I can cook!

I was also so thrilled to try my pies out of my cookbook. I made 3 pies, 1 cake, and Peppermint Bark Fudge (which I told you about in a previous post)!

The first pie I made was a pecan pie (FIRST TIMER), and it was deeeeeliciousssss!!! This is my absolute favorite pie in the world! I forgot to take an after pic (don’t judge me), but here is the prep picture, before going in the oven. If it wasn’t devoured, I promise I would have a pic!

Pecan Pie (Pre-baked)

I also decided to make two sweet potato pies (once again FIRST TIMER *smile*) and they were BOTH delicious! I made one from fresh sweet potatoes and the other one from canned (and used egg beaters) just to see the difference. They both turned out AWESOME! I’m proud! *toot toot*. I also made a red velvet cake, but I make that every year. And you guessed it, delicious!

I used canned sweet potato on the left and fresh (from scratch) sweet potato pie on the right

My pie from scratch!

I wish everyone a fun-filled continuation of the holiday season! Let’s all eat, drink, and be Merry! Happy New Year!!!



Since I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of my first pie, I was planning to make another one. I made sure I took a pic this time. This is it…and it’s perfect! :)