Holiday Sweat

Getting My #HolidaySweat On!

Holiday Sweat

Holiday season is here and I want to make sure I stay on top of my fitness goals. There’s a fun #HolidaySweat challenge going on in the Fit Approach community! I may be a little late to the party, but it’s never too late to start. It’s so easy to get comfortable this time of year with all of the parties, yummy foods, weather, etc—but if we stay active, we can go into the new year focused and with the right mindset.


Here’s the Scoop!


Week 2: #holidaysweat challenge with #sweatpink and @runtothefinish

Monday, November 16, 2015: (You can still add this on to one of your days this week) What’s your core strength goal this week? Longest plank? 3 Core workouts? #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Tuesday, November 17, 2015: Show us your plank! How long can you hold it? Tighten those tushies, legs and core! #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Wednesday, November 18, 2015: Show us your most creative core move! Crunches with a baby instead of medicine ball?!  #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Thursday, November 19, 2015: Flash your time! Share a watch photo of sweaty fun for the day! #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink

Friday, November 20, 2015: FREE FRIDAY! Show us what you’re up to today… sweating, eating, cooking, preparing for a healthy flight! #ShowYouCan @timexsports #holidaysweat @runtothefinish @fitapproach #sweatpink


Weekly Goals

Monday — 3.4 mile run/walk (done)

Tuesday — Plank it out!

Wednesday — 4 mile run + crunches

Thursday — 30 minutes of cardio (arc trainer, StairMaster, etc.) + showing off my sweaty fun!

Friday — Free Friday! It’s normally my rest day, but I’ll share a photo of what I’m sweating, eating, or cooking.

Saturday — Long Run

Sunday — Rest


How will you be getting your #HolidaySweat on? Feel free to join me!


let's go fly a kite

Rewrite the Script

I can’t believe we are halfway through the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge. This challenge has sparked so many thoughts and ideas! I know some may be thinking…”aren’t you a food & fitness blogger?” Yes, I am—but this is #BlogLikeCrazy November! I do appreciate this challenge for bringing things to light that I otherwise may not have shared. 

We started a new series at my church called At the Movies. It’s a series that I look forward to every year. The series takes Hollywood movies and applies biblical truths. We kicked off #ATM15 with the most popular movie from last year, Saving Mr. Banks. It’s the backstory of the making of one of my favorite Disney movies, Mary Poppins. If you haven’t seen it, I promise I won’t totally spoil it for you—but today’s message hit home for me. It was about healing. Healing can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The movie reminded me how we can allow our past to limit who we can become. A few weeks ago, I faced a huge disappointment. Disappointments can hurt like a lemon juice soaked paper cut. I was hurt by a matter beyond my control and I carried it longer than I should have. It was over and done with and there was nothing I could do to change it. It was now in the past, but I still wanted carry it into the future.

How many times do we carry things that we are not supposed to carry? I’m so guilty of it…obviously. It took me getting out of my feelings and settling on things that I knew to be true to move past my hurt. When I looked back and saw things with a new set of eyes, I realized the outcome turned out better than I could have ever imagined or orchestrated.

In the end of the movie, P.L. Travers’ vision was brought to life once she released her past. She was able to give the green light to rewrite the script to a happy ending.

You probably remember the song “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” that was sung at the end of Mary Poppins. As seasoned as I am, it’s a song that still makes me feel like a kid as I sing along. It reminds me to release the kite and send it soaring. Our past hurts and disappoints are just that…the past. When we discover that our past cannot define us, we can begin to fly freely.

let's go fly a kite


Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let’s go fly a kite
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go fly a kite

When you send it flying up there
All at once you’re lighter than air
You can dance on the breeze over houses and trees
With your fist holding tight
To the string of your kite



Pray for Paris

Never Stop Praying. Never Stop Loving.

Pray for Paris

My heart aches for Paris. It aches for this entire world. It doesn’t make sense to be angry over the color of a cup or what prayer hashtag someone decides to share on social media. This world needs healing. This world needs love.

From the Alabama to Paris—Japan to Kenya. If you exist, you are loved. No longer shall we allow fear to rule our hearts. If you didn’t know this, prayer is a very powerful tool. Never stop praying. Never stop believing. Never stop loving. Love cannot fail. Love conquers all.


“I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved.” — Romans 9:25



30 Things I Love Right Now - pen HEAVEN  RIVER WILD | My Pretty Brown Fit

30 Things I Love Right Now

(1) OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild album by Hillsong Worship.  (2) Pumpkin Spice everything.  (3) Distance running. (4) Food photography. (5) Heated throw (best invention ever). (6) OISM leg and foot massager. (7) Being CHANGED. (8) Marriage Small Group.  (9) Tuna Creations. (10) #BlogLikeCrazy. (11) Cooking during the holiday season. I can taste my sweet potato and pecan pie right now. (12) Overcoming my fears. (13) Hot chicken. (14) Loredona Riesling. (15) Being a Marine Corps Marathon finisher. (16) Ranch Fries from Wings Plus. (17) Running Turtles. (18) “Hello” by Adele on repeat. (19) The Hoka Clifton 2. (20) Perseverance. (21) My running bestie (BRF). (22) Being an overcomer. (23) Trap music. (24) Fall. My favorite season. (25) Piña Fraise LaCroix (Translates to Pineapple Strawberry). (26) Grace. (27) The Shrimp Basket. Yes! to all-you-can-eat shrimp. (28) The Scott Family. (29) Holiday-inspired flavored coffee drinks. (30) Every single person that encouraged me, prayed for me, and sent me well wishes on my journey to the Marine Corps Marathon.

30 Things I Love Right Now — Part 1


Starbucks Red Cup

I’m Offended #StarbucksRedCup

I wasn’t going to say anything and I normally don’t chime in when it comes to random happenings on the interwebs but…

People are seriously mad about the Starbucks Red Cup? I’m still trying to understand how the color of a cup takes away the meaning of Christmas. That’s the most comical thing I’ve heard all week! I mean…why would you be offended? What did that pretty, red cup do to you? To be honest, this is probably one of my favorite cups from Starbucks. I get it. It’s plain and red—but it’s also bold and fun!Starbucks Red Cup This photo sums up my sentiments…EXACTLY!

The fact that the color of a cup is even an issue (especially to Christians) is troubling and still comical at the same time. There is too much going on in the world to allow the color of a cup dictate my Christmas, my Christian faith, my holiday experience, or my indulgence in sugary skinny coffee drinks this holiday season. Here are more reasons why I feel this whole “red cup” fiasco is silly:


By doing a little research I found some very interesting facts about Starbucks that deserve the energy (but in a positive way) that these red cups have received over the past few weeks.

Starbucks is all about Creating Pathways to Opportunity:

Bringing people together, helping provide education and employment opportunities and making a difference in people’s lives – it’s all part of being a good neighbor and a sustainable company. Starbucks, even as a public company, has always believed that we can balance profitability and a social conscience.

Starbucks opportunities include:

  • Opportunity for Youth
  • Community Stores
  • Starbucks Foundation
  • Community Service
  • Veterans and Military Support
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Starbucks College Achievement Plan
  • Farming Communities
  • Create Jobs for USA

Hey #StarbucksRedCup, it’s not you. It’s THEM! With that being said, I’m heading over to Starbucks to indulge in a “skinny” Chestnut Praline Latte. In a RED CUP!


Thanksgiving with Pillsbury - Pinterest Collage without lines

Cranberry Goat Cheese & Cheddar Crescent Sausage Balls

Thanksgiving with Pillsbury - Pinterest Collage without linesI love the holiday season because it’s a great excuse to cook, bake, and try new recipes! I’m looking forward to our Thanksgiving gatherings over the next few weeks.

Wait! Did I just say a few weeks? Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? The good thing is I always have something yummy in my foodie tank. I will be preparing one of my NEW favorites: Cranberry Goat Cheese & Cheddar Sausage Crescent Balls!Thanksgiving with Pillsbury 1

My whole family loves Pillsbury Crescent Rolls because they are perfect for any meal. In addition, sausage balls are one of my favorites because they go well with any occasion. Being that it’s holiday season, I will also be taking advantage of the great savings at Publix—and you should, too!

Let’s get to the recipe!

Thanksgiving with Pillsbury - Pinterest Collage without lines



    • 1 lb of spicy sausage
    • 1 cup  of reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese
    • 4 oz candied cranberry goat cheese (found at Publix)
    • 1 clove garlic, minced
    • 1 tbsp of parsley, chopped
    • 2 tbsps of all-purpose flour
    • 1 can of Pillsbury Original Crescents – (grab your coupon)



  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees F. Line 15x10x1 inch pan with foil; spray with cooking pray.
  2. In a large bowl, mix sausage, cheddar cheese, candied cranberry goat cheese, and parsley; mix well using hands or spoon.
  3. Unroll crescent dough on surface; dust each side with 1 tablespoon of flour.
  4. Using pizza cutter or knife, cut dough into about 1/4 inch pieces.
  5. Add in crescent dough pieces into bowl of sausage mixture slowly until well blended.
  6. Shape mixture into 42 (1 1/4 inch balls).
  7. Place in pan. Bake 15 to 18 minutes or until golden brown.
  8. Serve and enjoy!


This recipe is easy enough for anyone to make it and it is one the whole family will love! If you are looking for recipe inspiration, you can find it here! Since Publix and Pillsbury are in the giving spirit, make sure you grab your coupon for $1 off. Don’t forget the following sale dates:

Sale 11/12-11/18 — Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits3 for $5

Sale 11/19-11/25 — Pillsbury Original Crescents 3 for $5

Sales 11/1-11/30 — Save $1 when you buy any 3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Goods Products

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Thanksgiving with Pillsbury - cran


Now I want to share the loveeeee!



To celebrate #ThanksgivingWithPillsbury, I will be giving away $10 PayPal Cash to one lucky reader! *Note: you must have a PayPal account to take part in this giveaway.

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