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I am in total shock…still. I normally don’t like to post when it comes to sad news, but Whitney Houston is an exception.Whitney will always be a Legend, an Icon…and her voice…not enough words to describe. I remember hearing her music like it was yesterday. I think I was probably about 4 years old. My Mom and Dad always had her record or tape in rotation, especially at their house parties.

Such a beautiful woman with such a tremendous journey. My heart and prayers go out to all of her family, manager, friends, fans, and loved ones. Whitney is truly loved and her music will NEVER be forgotten!

Here is a clip of her last Pre-Grammy Performance 2012:

“YES…JESUS LOVES ME!” – That says enough…



We love you Whitney!

Back To Love - Anthony Hamilton | My Pretty Brown Blog

Back To Love

Back To Love - Anthony Hamilton | My Pretty Brown Blog

It’s FEEL GOOD Friday and words can’t express the excitement I feel! But one thing is for sure, Anthony Hamilton’s new album….owwwwww!!!! “Back To Love” sums it all the way up! This album truly illustrates the vicissitudes of love – reality at it’s best. With his soulful, yet charismatic voice and vintage style, “I just can’t get enough”!  It’s so easy to put this album on repeat and listen to it for hours at a time. I confess, I haven’t listened to anything else since I played it the first time. 

Mr. Hamilton’s heartfelt lyrics in, Back To Love, encourages the passion between he & his lover to be rekindled and re-inspired. Another title track, he sings about his mistakes and fear of losing the BEST.THING.EVER.! I was listening to this song and was like is that Babyface I hear in the background? And WAS! This song is absolutely beautiful! My favorite is Best Of Me for so many reasons! *smile*

Everyone should go out and get this album TODAY! You can also get it here.  There’s something about feel-good music. It gets no better than that!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!  :)


Vintage Friday: Vesta Williams One Of The Greatest


I will never forget growing up and listening to all kinds of good music Saturday mornings as my Mom did her house cleaning. Vesta Williams, one of the greatest, was one of those artists in heavy rotation in the stack of vinyl records. A true Diva by definition with a voice so powerful, who started illuminating the charts in the 80’s. I think around the age of 7 or 8 I knew one of her hit songs, “Congratulations”, by heart — no literally, word-for-word! “Sweet, Sweet Love” was another favorite along with many more! I’m so thankful for her music and it being shared with me at such an early age. I didn’t know a thing about what she was singing about for real, but when I became of age,  her music became very real to me! I want to remember her just as she was in my mind when I heard her for the very first time and when I saw her perform last…Beautiful, Talented, and a REAL artist!

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Real Music - Amy Winehouse  | My Pretty Brown Blog

Real Music Forever Lives!

Real Music - Amy Winehouse  | My Pretty Brown Blog

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Great artist are hard to come by, especially today. And I don’t mean just great…but so amazing that no matter how much time has passed since you listened to their album, it’s like the first time when you do. Amy Winehouse is one of those artists. She had so much soul and what I love most about her music is the soulful, jazzy vibe! It’s almost as if her music takes you back to a time period that you weren’t even born in! From every soulful lyric to her signature Beehive, I’m thankful to have her music, real music…in my collection!



It’s Feel Good Friday With Jill Scott!

There’s no way to have a “Feel Good” Friday without some new music! Soul Songstress, Jill Scott, has done it again with her extraordinary sound and feel good lyrics! Jill’s fourth studio album The Light Of The Sun, which dropped on the first day of Summer, is buzzing up the airwaves! I must say this album is so musically appetizing you can’t help but put it on repeat! Her promenade of styles will have you feeling so lyrically fulfilled. She brings a little bit of everything with her spoken word, old school hip-hop, R & B, and she even shows off her broadway-style and amazing vocal ability.

Jill kicks off her Summer Block Party Tour with Anthony Hamilton, Mint Condition, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Doug E. Fresh on July 28th. This is going to be a HOT tour, so make sure you get your tickets through MissJillScott.com or LiveNation.com!

Happy Friday PBN’s! Blog you later!!! XoXo


(Album Image Courtesy of Underground Charisma)